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298                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

St. Croix, February i^th, 1802.

I came here yesterday morning, but we found
General Fuller had not prepared for his departure;
and as the British troops are not withdrawn,
General Waltershoff remains on board. By press-
ing and official threats, I have brought the
evacuation to be fixed for Tuesday morning.

The rejoicings seem to be universal on the
return of the Danish government, though the
English troops are much liked. I shall have a
fine overhauling of accounts, and much roguery
to detect and defeat, if half of what I hear be

We left Martinique on the nth, had a view of
Dominica, passed Guadaloupe in the night, and
saw St. Kitts at a distance. St. Croix does not
look well from the sea, for want of wood; but
when near, it is neat, and cultivated up to the
tops of the hills. Christianstadt is a regular town,
upon very uneven ground; many of the houses
with porticos before them, both on the ground
floor and above.

I don't know whether I mentioned to you the
serpents of St. Lucia and of Martinique, which
are dreadful, and many negroes are destroyed by
them every year.